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A Celebration of Cider

24th - 28th - Our first CIDER FESTIVAL to coincide with British Cider Week 🍎 🍏 excellent ciders and perries, ‘fizzy’ and still. Bottle of the day. 

Cider Tasting.png

CIDER TASTING - Saturday April 27th at 5pm

Come and meet London cider makers @duckchicken_cider at the pub on 5pm next Saturday 27th for a bit of cider tasting, bit of cheese and some apple/fermentation geekery. 

The wonderful Duckchicken cider, also known as Colleen and James, picked Bramley apples from three different orchards on the same day in 2022 and the three resulting pet nat ciders have all turned out very differently!

They are very excited to show off these ciders and we are very excited to taste them  

Tickets can be purchased from the button below.




What is pet nat? It’s a natural method for creating a sparking cider or wine in a bottle.

What is a real cider? Ciders fermented from the whole juice of freshly pressed apples (or pears for perry). Many commercial ciders makers use a concentrate or very small amount of apple in manufacturing their drinks.

How is cider made? By pressing apples and fermenting that juice. Cider is wine made from apples. Cider made with the addition of other fruits legally comes under the category of fruit wines.

The list!

Subject to change! Up to date list is shown on our homepage. 

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